about me

An Interactive Design student ready to bring their drive to the real world full time.

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I am a senior Media Arts and Design major, with an Interactive Design concentration, and Creative Writing minor, at James Madison University. Some of my relevant coursework includes: Advanced Interactive Design, User Interaction Design, Foundations of User Experience Design, and Business & Management of Digital Media.

On Campus Positions

I hold several wonderful positions on campus: Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Bluestone (JMU’s award winning yearbook), and I direct a talk show on WXJM-FM (JMU’s student-run radio station). As Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Bluestone, my partner and I are responsible for the entire 250+ page book, the 4 other editors, and the 20 person staff. We do everything from edit spreads, market the book, hire the entire staff, run meetings, select the design scheme, and so much more.

My talk show, “Dame Theory” features a rotating panel of marginalized viewpoints discussing current events and politics from an intersectional feminist point of view. As the director, I select the topic for the week’s episode, distribute source material, coordinate the featured panelists, and participate in the on-air discussion. I also co-host a weekly music show through WXJM, that we have named, “Cosmic Sans.” During the show, my cohost and I are responsible for everything that is broadcasted over the airwaves (and online). We select the music, make announcements, play PSAs, manage the soundboard, and often throw some comedy into the mix.


Outside of school, I work as the Digital Intern at Digital Minerva in downtown Harrisonburg, VA. During work I build webpages, help design sites, meet with clients, write blog posts, incorporate SEO into sites, digitally market for our clients, and more. I have learned invaluable lessons about the web development industry, UX, writing code, and SEO. After working here for the summer of 2019, I graciously accepted the offer to continue my position throughout the school school year.


Throughout my college experience I have completed a number of projects both in the classroom and outside of it, here are some of the most rewarding. This semester I am in the Media Arts & Design Capstone Collaboration Course with Computer Information Systems: a client-centered UX and coding competition. I singlehandedly completed a semester-long user interaction design, usability, and prototyping project (learn more about this here). I also completed two case competitions recently: the 24 Hour Bluestone Hackathon 2019, and Deloitte's 2019 Design challenge.


In my spare time I enjoy hiking, going to art museums (especially if they have my hero Frida Kahlo), going to cute coffee shops, seeing live music, embroidering, watching Game of Thrones, being with my friends, and more!