Creative Writing Portfolio

Sweet Sixteen

This is my most recent creative writing piece, that I completed in December 2018. This was written for my Intro to Creative Writing: Fiction course, as part of my Creative Writing minor.

Professor Spotlight

I wrote this piece for The Bluestone, JMU’s award-winning yearbook, of which I am the Copy Editor. February 2018.

WXJM Story

I also wrote this piece for The Bluestone. I was especially passionate about writing this because I am very involved with WXJM, I poured that love and passion into this piece! February 2018.

The Plight of the Waitress

This is a literary journalism piece I wrote for my Intro to Creative Writing: Non-Fiction class, for my Creative Writing minor. For this piece, I interviewed “Emily,” and I later received feedback on my first draft from my class and my professor. All of the names of characters, and the name of the restaurant have been altered to protect privacy, but the story itself is 100% real. November 2017.

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